About Us

Who We Are

The Kentucky Independent Pharmacist Alliance (KIPA) represents Kentucky’s independent pharmacy owners (pharmacists and non-pharmacists). In recent years, independent pharmacies have faced unfair challenges from big chain pharmacies and PBMs. We are a voice to create fairness for independent pharmacies allowing community pharmacies to thrive and improve patient care.

Our Story

KIPA begain in 2015 when pharmacy owners in Kentucky came together knowing independent pharmacies were becoming underutilized in communities throughout Kentucky. Unfair drug pricing and lack of representation in state legislature was causing many independent pharmacies to decline which is a detriment to patient health. Pharmacy owners came together with the mission to advocate on behalf of independent pharmacies statewide.


Next Steps…

Join us as we are the voice for independent pharmacy owners in Kentucky. Gain insight, be informed on the latest legislative efforts, and grow your business.