About Us

A voice for Kentucky Independent Pharmacy Owners throughout the state of Kentucky.
What We Do

We are an alliance of pharmacy owners throughout the state of Kentucky creating a stronger voice and representation. The Kentucky Independent Pharmacist Alliance (KIPA) is an organization that represents all independent pharmacy owners (both pharmacists and non-pharmacists) in the state of Kentucky. We initiate positive changes to protect and support pharmacy owners. If you are a pharmacy owner, we encourage you to join us.

  • Support

    Be a part of a strong, vibrant community of pharmacy owners. Share ideas and insight to improve patient care.

  • Communication

    Stay informed of the latest news and legislative changes to help guide your leadership decisions.

  • Voice

    Let your voice be heard as a pharmacy owner as we advocate on your behalf throughout the state of Kentucky.

  • Growth

    Expand your business opportunities and grow your business with increased revenue and profit.


Learn about the latest happenings effecting independent pharmacies in Kentucky.